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Pendulums - How to Use Them

In the most simple terms, a pendulum is simply a weight hung from a a fixed point so that it can swing freely - such as in old clocks where they were used to regulate the mechanisms.

In divination, the pendulum is used as a scrying tool to ask questions and get in touch with your intuition or your subconscious. Using a pendulum is very different to using a ouija board or spirit board, as there is generally no outside influences when you use a pendulum. While you can use one for communicating with spirits it is not it's primary function.

Making a Pendulum

While there are hundreds of pendulums on the market, even we offer a unique set of electroformed pendant style pendulums - it is very important to choose one that resonates with you. With this in mind, you may wish to make your own pendulum. You can create a pendulum from just about anything - you just need a small heavy object like a crystal, a large bead, or a jewellery pendant; and something to tie it with such as cotton or ribbon.

Using a Pendulum

The first thing to do when you make or purchase a pendulum is to ascertain its Yes/No response. A great way for beginners, or even seasoned practitioners, to keep answers clear is to utilise a pendulum board as pictured. Click here to shop our range of gorgeous, lightweight boards and crystal pendulums. Your board can be as simple as a few lines on a piece of paper - whatever works for you! Make sure you have a clear Yes and No along with a don't know / maybe / rephrase option. You can also create more detailed boards with letters and numbers, or use a pendulum over a map to locate lost items.

To use your pendulum, hold the end or the string of the pendulum in your dominate hand, making sure you are in a comfortable position and the pendulum can hang freely. You can either start with the pendulum hanging still, or swing it in a circle for momentum, again you must find the process that works best for you. Start with simple questions, or ask the pendulum to show you "yes" or "no". If you started with your pendulum still you will see it start to move in one direction or another.

If you started with it swinging in a circle, hold your hand still and let the pendulum naturally change to swing in a particular direction. If you aren't using a board, make note of the directions for yes and no.

Once you are comfortable with using your pendulum, you can utilise it for a range of divination purposes from aiding in decision making and locating lost items, to communication with your spirit guides and your subconscious.

Protecting from Negative Energies

As with all crystal items, it is recommended that you cleanse them regularly to remove any negative energy - this can be done with salt or running water (some crystals don't deal with with water so make sure you check!), placing in moonlight or by burying in the ground. Always make sure you operate with positive intentions and common sense, remember - "my pendulum told me to" will not hold up in court!

Comment below if you have any questions ♥

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