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Norse Runes for Divination

The Elder Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabets. It was a writing system used by Germanic Tribes between the 2nd and 8th centuries. Each rune has a unique meaning and associations and are often used for divination or inscribed into items for protection or other manifestations. While there are a number interpretations for the meaning of these runes, below are a general overview including their modern alphabet and colour associations. 

Ansuz [AE]  Æsir (original pantheon of gods); ancestors, signs, ancient wisdom - indigo/purple

Algiz [EA] elk or moose; protection, power, long winters, life - white

Berkana [B] birch tree; Goddess, fertility, birth, growth, new beginning - white/green

Dagaz [D] day; dawn,  between the worlds, time, passage of time, change - pale violet

Ehwaz [E] horse; movement, safe journey, progress, transition, freedom- blue

Fehu [F] wealth or cattle; material wealth, fulfillment, survival, prosperity - green

Gebo [G] gift or to give; union, partnership, friendship, gratitude, giving - pink/red

Hagalz [H] hail (from precipitation); destruction, rebirth, transformation, awakening- white/blue

Isa [I] ice and glaciers; immobility, stagnation, rest period, stop slander - white/silver

Jera [J] year or harvest; rewards, tangible results from work, bounty - white/green

Kenaz [K/C] either ulcer or torch; transforming fire, enlightenment, wisdom, insight - white/gold

Laguz [L] water or lake; fluidity, water, psychic power, intuition, vitality - blue/violet

Mannaz [M] man; self, self-improvement, community, balanced living- indigo/violet

Nauthiz [N] need; hardship, challenge, overcome obstacles, evolution - white/blue

Inguz [NG] the god Yngvi; the Horned God, fertility, family, completion, masculine - indigo

Othila [O] heritage or estate; possessions, home, social status, acquisitions - white/gold

Perth [P] possibly a fruit tree; destiny, forces of life, unexpected lucked, divination- blue/green

Raido [R] ride or journey; travel, quest, find what is sought, life changing opportunity- blue/violet

Sowelu [S] sun; life, Sun wheel, wholeness, healing, vital energy, power - orange/gold/red

Teiwaz [T] the god Tyr; victory, success, courage, favourable outcome, justice - white/gold

Thurisaz [TH] the god Thor; protection, cosmic order, foes neutralised, defense - black

Uruz [U] aurochs (extinct large, wild cattle); strength, physical health, courage, power, wild- green/brown

Wunjo [W] win or joy; comfort, happiness, harmony, peacefulness, bliss- pink/yellow

Eihwaz [Z] yew tree; travelling the Underworld, cycle of life, transformation, change - indigo/purple

Wyrd [-] unknowable fate, destiny, cosmic influence - black/white

We work these rune symbols into pendants made with real twigs and gemstones encased in copper which you can find in our Shop. We can also create pendants from your own rune staves or bind rune designs, simply Contact Us with your requirements, we love working on these unique, personal items!

There are lots of different ways to use rune stones for divination, if you purchase or make a set of runes, here are some simple ways to use them to gain clarity and guidance. Divination connects you with your subconscious, to focus on the questions that have been bothering you and to find answers.

Single Rune

This is the simplest way to use your rune stones. Place them all in a bag or pouch and think of your question / concern. When you are ready pick a single stone from the bag.

Triple Rune

As above for the single rune draw but instead draw three stones. These stones represent the current situation, the challenges you face and the action to take. Alternatively, you can read them as the past, present and future influences on the matter.

Five Rune Cross

This combines both of the above readings - take five stones and place them in a cross pattern, one stone at the bottom, three across and one at the top. The bottom stone represents your challenge / question. The three middle stones represent the past, present and future influences, and the top stone represents the action required.

Scatter Nine

Start by selecting nine stones (or just pick a handful if you prefer) from your rune pouch but instead of placing them in a pattern, shake and drop them (like dice) and let them spread randomly. You can do this on a rune cloth if you have one, which will help you identify the centre of the casting. There are several interpretations on how to read a rune casting but it is generally agreed that the stones in the centre reflect the most important / current circumstances. Outer stones are seen as either less important events or outside influences. If a stone falls off the cloth some ignore it, while others see them as particularly significant. Stones that fall face down are seen as either future or external influence which indicate new possibilities. Touching stones are considered to be related or read together, while stones on the opposite edges of the cloth can be seen as opposing.

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