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6 Ways to Cleanse Your Home

Feel like your space is full of negative or oppressive energies? There are lots of ways you can bring in positive vibes and cleanse your home. Take a look at our suggestions below, and we'd love to hear your ideas!

Physical Cleaning

Hate cleaning? You're not alone, I'm always putting off giving our home a good thorough clean but sometimes you just have to do it. While you don't have to go full Marie Kondo on your space, getting rid of junk, clutter, dirt and grime will aid in clearing out any negative vibes hanging around.

The ritual of sweeping both physical and metaphysical muck out of your home is a great cleanser - make sure you clean your home's threshold (doorways in and out of your home) as well!

Open your Space

Let in fresh air and sunlight by opening all your doors and windows, this will help remove musty smells and stagnant air. Combine with other cleansing rituals to encourage negative vibes out, and positive ones in.

Smoke Cleansing

A very popular practice at moment is smoke cleaning - this involves burning smoke producing materials to purify your space. Common materials used are sage (avoid white sage), cedar, rosemary and sandalwood but there are plenty of other options to use as dried herbs, resins or incense. Walk through each room in your house letting the smoke fill the space. You can chant or recite a blessing while you do this, whatever feels right to you!

Clearing with Sound

Spirits and faeries are said to be repelled by loud, sharp sounds like clapping, drumming or ringing bells. Similar to the process of smudging, move around your space making deliberate and purposeful noise which you can enhance with a chant or demand (anything from Be Gone! to F**K Off!).

Witch Bells are a commonly used tool, which are hung on doorknobs to ward off unwanted spirits and mischievous fae.

Protection Runes & Sigils

Symbols of protection are found throughout all cultures. Engraving or placing these images throughout your home, such as at the centre of the home or at each cardinal point, will offer protection to your space and its inhabitants.

Some of the most well known symbols are the Seal of Solomon, the Sigillum Dei, and the Helm of Awe.

Create a Circle

You can easily create a protection circle around your home by sprinkling or burying a ring of salt around your property. Alternatively you can create a salt water spray and use this instead. Just like creating a circle around yourself, envision your home surrounded by positive and protective energy.

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