Element Associations

In many pagan belief systems the elements were represented by colours, emotions, directions, and much more. These associations are used to assist in manifestations, spellwork and charms to give physical representations and focus for your work. Different cultures have their own sets of key elements but the most commonly used in witchcraft are the astrology and alchemy elements which are Earth, Air, Fire and Water, plus Spirit or Aether.

Some of the primary associations for these elements are below:

Earth: Stability, practicality, the physical, material matters, career, the direction towards the Pole (North or South depending on your Hemisphere), the colour Green, the season Winter, night time. Great for planning and preparation.

Air: Movement, breath, intellect, the mind, psychic powers, creativity, the direction East, the colour Yellow, the season Spring, sunrise. Great for beginning new projects.

Fire: Passion, desire, imagination, energy, will, the direction towards the Equator (South or North depending on your Hemisphere), the colour Red, the season Summer, midday. Great for harvest and completion.

Water: Emotion, dreams and intuition, purification, subconscious, the direction West, the colour Blue, the season Autumn, afternoon to sunset. Great for release and renewal.

Spirit: Unlike the other elements, the spirit is everywhere and connects everything. It is within us and it surrounds us. It does not have any particular correspondences with the possible exception of the colour White.

Inspired by the elemental symbols found in alchemy, and utilising corresponding coloured crystal chips, our element pendants are fashioned from twigs and electroformed in copper, and come on your choice of chain or faux suede. Find them in our store!


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