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Odin's Horn Altar Tile

Odin's Horn Altar Tile

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The Horns of Odin symbol is derived from the story of the Mead of Poetry, this mead was made from the blood of Kvasir whose wisdom was unrivalled. Odin seduced and tricked Gunnlöd who was in charge of guarding the mead. He offered to spend three nights with her for three sips of mead which was stored in three vats, instead he drank the containers dry then took the form of an eagle and flew back to Asgard to share the mead amongst the gods.

  • About Plywood

    All of our wooden products are made with locally crafted, speciality laser ply from gorgeous Australian woods. The plywood is 3mm thick and is created from multiple fine sheets of wood to create a sturdy yet lightweight material. Plywood is highly durable and can be easily cleaned. In the event that the wood bends or warps in extreme heat or damp, it can be flattened out with a light spray of water (if too dry) and laid flat under a small weight in a cool, dry place. Due to the natural qualities of real wood, each piece we make will be unique in colour and grain.
  • Packaging & Shipping

    This item will come well packaged and protected in a padded mailer bag or parcel and shipped via standard parcel post which includes tracking.

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