FAQ: "Are you a witch?"

So I've been asked this question often, since I was a teenager, with many various intentions behind it from genuine curiosity to fear and loathing. From my interests, to the way I dressed, I definitely stood out as being "unusual" in a lot of crowds.

I also think this is a very important topic to cover for anyone in a witchy businesses these days as witchcraft becomes more mainstream and popular there are so many people out there providing information and advice that may not be accurate, or even safe. Just because someone refers to themselves as a witch, doesn't necessarily mean they have good intentions or a good heart and vice cersa. Even if you don't read below, please keep this in mind and be cautious and sensible when learning or practicing your craft.

The short answer might surprise you – no, I don’t actually consider myself or call myself "a witch". But really what I mean is I'm probably not what most people think of when they hear the term witch. I don't cast spells, I don't make potions and I don't do rituals. But witchiness is so much more than that.

I have a long-standing relationship with magick and the occult. From the building faerie houses as a child, practicing Wicca in my teens and even studying witchcraft during my university degree I have a deep appreciation and fascination with these practices and traditions.

My primary passions are Celtic and Norse which you’ll see regularly reflected in the designs and tools I create. My studies also included the ancient religions of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece and while I did daydream about becoming Indiana Jones or Evelyn O’Connell they never spoke to me quite as personally.

I’m especially drawn to folklore and mythology, the veil between the worlds and the Otherworld where the spirits and the sidhe dwell. I have an affinity for nature, especially forests and woods and I struggle indoors if I can’t at least see outside. I’m utterly infatuated by the Moon, whenever I see it from a sliver to full, I always get a little thrill. I collect crystals, bones, feathers, seashells, interesting twigs & leaves some of which I now use in my copper jewellery collections.

I’m also drawn to divination practices – from reading tea leaves to animal insides, though I tend to stick to the tarot myself. I’m awed by these ways our ancestors sought to understand and interpret the world around them, and their place in it, before we had scientific explanations and equipment.

Predicting the weather from the flight of birds, interpreting the flickering of the fire or the lines on your palm; these practices show a deep connection to the earth and to intuition – gut feelings that are so often overlooked in the modern age.

I’m affected by changes in weather, and the energy of people around me. I’m particularly sensitive to anger and frustration but any large group from a shopping centre to a party can leave me exhausted.

I walk barefoot on the grass, and meditate when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I clear spaces with incense and bells. I talk to animals and plants. I love to make, from sewing to baking, it feels good to create. I walk my own path and try to be true to myself. I hope to make my little piece of earth a warm, welcoming and happy place to be.

While I have many witchy ways, I'm happier just being "me" with no particular label or title, and though I don't have all the answers I would love to share my knowledge, passions and experiences with you to help you on your own unique journey

x Jess x

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