We work with a variety of precious metals and alloy metals. Precious metals are often quite soft, and are also quite expensive, so they are mixed with other metals to make them more affordable and durable, especially for fashion jewellery.

We take every care to source nickle and lead free alloy metals, as nickle is a common source of skin allergies and lead can be poisonous with long term skin contact.


Sterling Silver

Silver stamped 925 is a silver alloy that contains at minimum 92.5% silver. The rest is usually made up of copper. Sterling silver can tarnish easily so it needs to be regularly cleaned. 


Copper Metal

Copper is used as the base in most metal alloys used in jewellery making. It also has a beautiful reddish-gold colour and is considered by some to have healing properties. This metal oxidises and can turn green over time if not cleaned.


Brass Metal

Brass is a copper and zinc alloy that is golden in colour. While it does tarnish and turn brown over time, some designers utilise this in brass and copper to create gorgeous coloured patinas for pendants.


Silver Tone Metals

Silver tone, or silver plated jewellery uses thin layers of fine silver over a base metal. This is an affordable alternative to sterling silver however the silver plating does eventually wear off.